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Because in their early days, even today’s well-known entrepreneurs found themselves at square one: uncertain, facing difficulties, and looking for a role model to inspire them.

These people whom we consider as role models because they knew how to overcome the obstacles on the road to success offer one of the resources most underestimated by new entrepreneurs: mentoring.

In addition to helping you avoid common mistakes early on in your journey and resolve tricky issues, a good mentor can also offer valuable advice and connect you with influential people, all while helping you realize your full potential. potential as a person.

What exactly is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who has accumulated experiences and knowledge that you don’t yet have, who has made all the necessary mistakes on the path to success, who has learned valuable lessons from them, and who is willing to pass those on to you. lessons.

A mentor doesn’t just have a good grasp of the knowledge you need to succeed — like mastering online paid advertising strategies or strategies for launching a product in a new market; he also has a strong intuition that he has developed over many years by doing what you want to do. It can thus help you to refine your entrepreneurial instinct in the field that interests you.

Mentoring happens naturally in almost every field. But in the business world, it is very rare to find a success story that is not partly due to mentoring:

Anthony Bourbon, founder and CEO of Feed. he himself became a mentor to several young entrepreneurs, often cites Mélanie Der, his “right arm” and ex-partner as the person who taught him to focus his energy on his projects and thus achieve success.

Mercedes Erra, co-founder of the BETC agency, cites Didier her first boss as her mentor. As she confided to Madame Figaro in 2020, the latter kept repeating to her “If you want to be big, your office must be as small as possible, to leave room for a of other offices filled with talent. »

According to figures provided by the association of mentored companies pass the 3-year mark.

But perhaps the most important point to note is that a mentor is not a consultant . A true mentor never charges for the services they provide, nor does the work for the mentee. Ideally, the mentor decides to invest in a mentoring relationship because of the human potential he sees in the person wishing to be mentored, and ends up becoming a valuable friend.

This is because mentoring is part of a cycle of positive karma that involves giving back to support people who are just starting out and want to follow a similar path.

Any individual who has managed to achieve success on their own or in part through mentorship will in most cases feel the urge to help the next generation.

Building a mentoring relationship: best practices and mistakes to avoid

What is a good mentor.?

A mentor, however, should be someone whose work or career inspires you. After all, a mentoring relationship, like any other relationship, should be based on mutual respect.

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